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Significant reduction of turnaround times and prices for genetic diagnostics

CeGaT reduces the turnaround time to a few weeks and decreases the prices for genetic diagnostics. Additionally CeGaT introduces a new comprehensive support service for the selection of genetic diagnostic tests.

This reduction was accomplished due to process improvement in all areas at CeGaT. The high quality of the medical reports will not be affected. Single gene testing will be performed within two to four weeks. Turnaround time for panel and exome analyses was cut back to four to six weeks. Another benefit of the process improvement is a radical price reduction of panel and exome diagnostics.

Managing Director Dirk Biskup expresses his excitement about this development. “We recognize that genetic analyses are an indispensable part of the daily diagnostic routine. Therefore, we made great efforts reduce prices and deliver, as a matter of routine, the medical report to the treating physician within a few weeks.”

In addition to reducing the turnaround times, CeGaT now offers even more support in the selection of the most suitable diagnostic method for the clinical symptoms. For this purpose, a diagnostic support team (diagnostic-support@cegat.de) has been introduced which will answer all questions of the treating physician as well as questions concerning the medical report.

Update and expansion of Diagnostic Panel for Neurodegenerative Diseases

CeGaT has updated its diagnostic panel for Neurodegenerative Diseases. The number of analyzed genes has been increased from 372 to 553 including the most up to date findings in literature.

For further information on the panel, please visit the webpage for Neurodegenerative Diseases.

CeGaT receives accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP)

CeGaT is now accredited by the College of American Pathologists and meets the highest standards of clinical laboratory and diagnostic practice.

After the successful laboratory inspection by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) in March 2016, CeGaT has received CAP accreditation, and thus complements the existing accreditation according to DIN EN ISO 15189. Both the CAP accreditation and the accreditation according to DIN EN ISO 15189 cover the full diagnostic spectrum of CeGaT, including the next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based analysis methods. Therefore, CeGaT meets worldwide recognized standards in diagnostics which are only shared by a handful of German human genetic laboratories. Since CeGaT’s founding, the company has always been committed to highest quality of its diagnostic services.

Further information in our official press release (pdf).

CeGaT adds HiSeq 4000 to its sequencing capacities

As of today, the HiSeq 4000 has been added to the routine diagnostics pipeline of CeGaT. The HiSeq 4000 belongs to the latest generation of Illumina sequencers. This expansion of our sequencing capacities enables us to better fulfill your project and diagnostics requests. The HiSeq 4000 is being used for research purposes (like exome and genome sequencing) as well as for our diagnostic panels.

In addition to the HiSeq 4000, CeGaT operates two HiSeq 2500, a MiSeq and multiple 96-well Sanger sequencers.

CeGaT conference appearances

Get to know us at the following events:

August 27th - 31th 2016: Rome, Italy - European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress 2016
September 11th - 15th 2016: Prague, Czech Republic - 12th European Congress on Epileptology
September 14th - 17th 2016: Hamburg, Germany - 14. Annual Conference DGKJ

Get more information about the events.