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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2016

We wish you a happy holiday season and a
healthy and successful New Year 2016.

Instead of sending out Christmas gifts we are donating to following charitable foundations:

Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder Tübingen e.V.
Tropenklinik Paul-Lechler Krankenhaus in Tübingen
ARCHE IntensivKinder - Aktion 1.000 x 1.000
Care-for-Rare Foundation in Munich

CeGaT develops new Diagnostic Panel for Blood and Immune Disorders

CeGaT has developed a comprehensive Diagnostic Panel for blood and immune disorders. The 14 subpanels (BID01 to BID14) include 297 genes which are associated with anemia, coagulation disorders, thrombocytopenia, bone marrow failure syndromes, antibody deficiencies, complement deficiencies, autoinflammatory diseases and immune dysregulation. Furthermore, our Diagnostic Panel for Blood and Immune disorders covers defects of phagocytosis and both innate immunity and syndromal immunodeficiencies.

For further information on the Panel, please visit the section for Blood & Immune Disordes.

Update and expansion of Diagnostic Panel for Kidney Diseases

CeGaT has updated its Diagnostic Panel for Kidney Diseases. The number of analyzed genes have been increased from 148 to 182 genes.

Specifically, the subpanels for Nephronophthisis, Renal Dysplasia, Renal Agenesia, CAKUT, Nephrotic Syndrome and Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis were comprehensively expanded and now include various differential diagnoses.

For further information on the Panel, please visit the page for Kidney Diseases.

Selective BRCA1/2 diagnostic testing prior to Olaparib therapy

CeGaT expands tumor diagnostics services by introducing selective BRCA1/2 testing for ovarian cancer.

Olaparib (LynparzaTM), a promising drug for the treatment of recurrent, platinum-sensitive, high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma, was approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in 2015. One requirement for the therapy with Olaparib is the detection of a mutation in the genes BRCA1 or BRCA2.
Both genes have always been included in our Somatic Tumor Panel; however, due to their importance for the prescription of Olaparib, CeGaT has decided to offer a test specific for BRCA1 and BRCA2. Using this test, mutations in these genes will be detected quickly and directly, saving time when critical therapy decisions need to be made.

For further information on BRCA1/2 testing, please visit the section for ovarian cancer.

CeGaT wins “Hidden Champion” prize in category “Innovation”

CeGaT wins the 2015 n-tv mid-size business award “Hidden Champion” in the category “Innovation”.

At yesterday’s n-tv “Hidden Champion” award ceremony in Frankfurt, the biotechnology company CeGaT won the “Innovation” category for mid-sized businesses. The prize was awarded for CeGaT’s development of an innovative and entirely new molecular diagnostic procedure, which makes it possible to quickly and affordably map the human genome and identify genetic defects. Managing Director Dr. Dirk Biskup and Barbara van Eijck were pleased to receive the award.

This is the fifth time the news channel n-tv has held these awards, meant to highlight little-known mid-sized companies that contribute to the strong German economic engine. Applications were accepted from owner-managed companies headquartered in Germany with a minimum of 30 staff, and a jury of experts and a high-caliber board of trustees evaluated the entries based upon their submissions and proposals.