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We have moved

After only 200 days of construction our new office and laboratory building with 4,000 square meters is done and we have moved in.

From now on our new address is:
CeGaT GmbH
Paul-Ehrlich-Straße 23
D-72076 Tübingen

Our contact details via phone, email and internet remain unchanged.

We say goodbye to the premises in the Technology Park Tübingen-Reutlingen and thank them for their support in the past five years.

New study finds high risk for breast cancer in carriers of PALB2 mutations

A study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows a highly increased risk to develop breast cancer for carriers of pathogenic mutations in PALB2 gene. Antoniou et al. determined a ninefold increase in breast cancer risk for both genders.

CeGaT offers the analysis of PALB2 and other risk genes via its panel for breast and ovarian cancer (CAN02).

You can find more information about the study on the website of the New England Journal of Medicine.

CeGaT explains unclear syndromic disease of a six-year-old boy

Doctors of the Institute of Clinical Genetics at the Klinikum Stuttgart succeeded in revealing the molecular cause of the to-date unclear syndromic disease of a six year old boy by using CeGaT's diagnostic sequencing service.

After performing some conventional diagnostics (karyotyping, arrayCGH diagnostics) at the Klinikum Stuttgart, a trio exome analysis (where both the patient and the parents are examined) from leukocytes revealed a PTPN11 germline mutation that could not completely explain the phenotype. Only with the implementation of CeGaT's somatic tumor panel was somatic mosaicism of the PIK3CA gene could be detected from a saliva sample of the patient, which confirmed the clinical diagnosis of a megalencephaly-capillary malformation syndrome.

The results were published in the European Journal of Human Genetics. The article explains the coincidence of these two variants; moreover, a novel pathogenetic "second hit" model is presented.

CeGaT and three professors from Tübingen found company: CeMeT GmbH

CeGaT and three professors from Tübingen, University Professors Ingo Autenrieth, Daniel Huson, and Detlef Weigel, Director at the Tübingen Max-Planck-Institute, have founded the CeMeT GmbH for determination, analysis and evaluation of the human metagenome for medical, dental and veterinary issues.

“We are convinced that metagenome information will be of high interest for patient care in the near future,” said Professor Ingo Autenrieth, Medical Director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, University Hospital of Tübingen. Professor Huson, a renowned bioinformatician and Professor Weigel, a leading global evolution and genome researcher, are able to evaluate huge amounts of data obtained in metagenome analysis. CeMeT is the first company that is dedicated solely to the topic of “metagenomics” to solve human medical, dental and veterinary issues. “The expertise we have at CeMeT, including pre-analysis, sequencing, data analysis, microbiology, and medicine is unique in Germany,” said Dr. Dirk Biskup, CEO of CeGaT. “This will be of benefit to researchers as well as short- to medium-term to the patient.”

It is CeMeT’s mission to determine, analyze and evaluate metagenomes using the latest state of the art technologies. The goal is to clarify medical issues and to lead medical diagnostics of the future.

Official press release CeGaT (pdf)

CeGaT establishes US subsidiary

CeGaT and B. Braun Medical US have established a subsidiary to serve the US sequencing and diagnostics market: B. Braun CeGaT, LLC located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This step is a logical consequence of the excellent collaboration between CeGaT and B. Braun.

Official press release B. Braun CeGaT, LLC (pdf)

CeGaT’s next-generation sequencing facility awarded Illumina CSPro Certification

In the course of the extension of our pipeline with a third HiSeq 2500 from Illumina, CeGaT has successfully completed Illumina CSPro™ certification for sequencing, gaining entry to an elite group of Illumina genomics service providers globally.

CeGaT is a dedicated diagnostics company and sees itself as a medical service provider. Achieving the highest possible quality in all steps of the process is of utmost importance for us. Being awarded Illumina CSPro attests to our high-quality strategy.

CeGaT wins STEM-enterprise competition 2014

CeGaT received first prize in the STEM*-enterprise competition for human resources development and retention of women in the company at the awarding ceremony of the State of Baden-Württemberg.

CeGaT’s CEO Dr. Dirk Biskup and contributor Dr. Claudia Durand accepted the STEM-enterprise award at the House of Economy in Stuttgart from commissioner of the state government for SME and Crafts, Peter Hofelich. The prize went to the biotech company because of its strong promotion and support of women in STEM-professions. For example, there are women represented in leadership positions and approximately 70% of CeGaT’s employees are women. The majority of these women have a PhD in natural science in the fields of biology, biochemistry or bioinformatics. The reconciliation of work and family life is of high importance for CeGaT. In addition to this commitment within the company, CeGaT also pursues a targeted and integrated STEM promotion of female talent at school and participates in many initiatives, such as Girls’ Day Academy, STEM Ambassador, and Women of the future.

*STEM = German MINT

CeGaT is Service Provider of the Year 2014

CeGaT was awarded “Service Provider of the Year 2014″ at the award ceremony of the State of Baden-Württemberg winning the first prize in the category “Exemplary service innovation”. CeGaT won the favor of the jury with its Diagnostic Panels, where patients with severe genetic diseases directly benefit from CeGaTs service.

At the Services Forum in Stuttgarts “House of Economy” CEO Dr. Dirk Biskup accepted the 10,000 Euro award from commissioner of the state government for SME and Crafts, Peter Hofelich. In particular, CeGaTs commitment to patients and their families was recognized unanimously by the entire jury.

Companies have been awarded every two years since 2002 in two categories: “Exemplary service innovation” and “Best customer service”. There were more than 50 other applicants next to CeGaT in the category of “Exemplary service innovation”.

CeGaT conference appearances

Get to know us at the following events:

15th - 19th of September 2014: Munich - Neuroweek 2014
26th - 30th of September 2014: Madrid - ESMO 2014
18th - 22nd of October 2014: San Diego - ASHG 2014 Meeting