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Saskia Biskup wins EU Prize for Women Innovators 2014

Saskia Biskup, co-founder and Managing Director of CeGaT, was announced as winner of the 2014 EU Prize for Women Innovators by the European Commission. The official celebration took place in Brussels. The winners received their prizes from the President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso at the opening ceremony of the Innovation Convention 2014, Europe’s premier innovation event. Saskia Biskup receives the prize for achieving outstanding innovations and bringing them to market.

Watch the video portrait of Saskia Biskup and CeGaT.

CeGaT launches eleven Diagnostic Panels for Skin Diseases

CeGaT has developed eleven new subpanels for comprehensive analysis of inherited skin diseases. The eleven panels (DRM01-DRM11) comprise 207 genes associated with hereditary forms of skin disease. Genes for ichthyoses, genetic epidermolyses and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome are included in the new panel.

Please find further information about the new Skin Diseases panel on our website.

Broad update of six Diagnostic Panels

CeGaT revised and updated six of the existing Diagnostic Panels. We expanded the panel for Neuromuscular Diseases and included a subpanel for "Walker-Warburg Syndrome" which contains 13 genes.

CeGaT also updated the genes of the following panels:

Overview of all Diagnostic Panels...

Scientific Advisory Board: Prof. Dr. Bernd Wissinger

CeGaT welcomes Prof. Dr. Bernd Wissinger as a new member of the Scientific Advisory Board. Prof. Dr. Bernd Wissinger, Full Professor for Molecular Genetics of Sensory Systems and Head of the Molecular Genetics Laboratory at the Institute of Ophthalmic Research, University Clinics Tübingen. Prof. Wissinger is an internationally recognized expert in the field of the genetics of inherited retinal disorders and optic atrophies and coordinator of the RD-CURE consortium for the development of gene therapy applications to treat achromatopsia and retinitis pigmentosa.

He will support CeGaT especially in the field of Eye Diseases.

CeGaT conference appearances

Get to know us at the following events:

April 4th 2014: Munich - Analytica 2014
April 7th-8th 2014: Berlin - 9. EUROFORUM annual conference Oncology 2014
May 18th-22th 2014: Stuttgart - MDO 2014 - trade fair + convention
May 30th – June 5th 2014: Chicago - American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual conference 2014

Get more information about the events in the overview...