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CeGaT introduces most comprehensive Tumor Diagnostics

CeGaT has developed the most comprehensive NGS cancer gene panel with 552 genes for the detection of somatic mutations. In addition, CeGaT offers a Germline Tumor Panel with 97 genes as well as full Exomes Diagnsotics for cancer patients.

Please visit our new website section Tumor Diagnostics.

Update on Diagnostic Panels

CeGaT has updated its Diagnostic Panels by adding new genes and by extending the range of available Panels (e.g. Eye Diseases, Epilepsies & Migraine and Connective Tissue Disease).

For further information please have a look at our Diagnostic Panels.

CeGaT epilepsy panel results in Nature Genetics publication

Gene mutation for common childhood epilepsy detected using the CeGaT Epilepsy panels.

More than 50 million people worldwide have epilepsy, a third of them are children. The most common forms of epilepsy in children occur without apparent cause and affect only certain brain regions. They are called idiopathic focal epilepsy (IFE). Characteristic of this disease is a seizure originating in the so-called Rolandic region of the brain. Now it is possible to identify the first disease gene for idiopathic focal epilepsies. It is the gene GRIN2A. Changes of the gene lead to disorders of the ion channel function of a key in the brain which affects the electrical excitability of nerve cells. This can lead to increased electrical discharges in the brain and thus explain the occurrence of epileptic seizures. The study has now been published in the international journal Nature Genetics.

CeGaT launches 21 Diagnostic-Panels for Kidney Diseases

CeGaT has developed new panels for comprehensive analysis of inherited kidney diseases. The 21 panels (KID01-KID21) comprise 145 genes associated with both isolated and syndromic nephropathies.

Please find more information on our section for Kidney Diseases.